We recently held our 6th Annual Holiday Party as Weichert Realtors Premier as well as our awards dinner to recognize our outstanding team. We had a great year!


  1. Best Supporting Agent – Marsha Yrisarri
  2. Go The Extra Mile “GEM” Award – Beth Herzog
  3. Leadership Award – Amy Lambert
  4. The Loyalty Award – Amber Kriger
  5. Dedication Award – Becky Moran
  6. Spirit Award – Marsha Yrisarri
  7. Best Customer Service Award – Julie Williams
  8. Best Customer Service Award (Surveys) – Lori Solomon
  9. Rookie of the Year – Laura Kriger
  10. Lead Specialist of the Year – Deb Simons
  11. Sales Leader – Lori Solomon
  12. Listing Leader – Lori Solomon – 37 Listings
  13. Agent of the Year – Lori Solomon


Best Supporting Agent – There are so many people within our organization that you can look back on and say “they helped me get to where I am today ” but there is one person that has always been true and consistent everyday, week and year. They have been a reliable colleague, lunch buddy, psychiatrist,, employee and friend. We all rely on her and without her many of us would be lost. Well deserving of this recognition is Marsha Yrisarri… “The Best Supporting Agent” Thank you for all you do!

GEM Award – This person is constantly looking for ways to stay busy. By way of multi-tasking this individual is un-matched. At times when the tasks pile up and seem insurmountable she always finds a way to overcome the odds and complete her tasks with quality work. As a group she keeps us organized, efficient and productive. I would like to recognize Beth Herzog with the GEM Award.

Leadership Award – This next Award recognizes the professional that serves as a leader and mentor to others and leads by example. This agent is passionate about helping their fellow agents succeed to reach their goals and develop into outstanding Real Estate Professionals. I personally am honored and thankful to have this individual on our team – she helps me see through the details of our company so I can focus on the bigger picture. She’s a rock to me and many others but more importantly she is a friend to everyone – Amy Lambert

The Loyalty Award – One of the greatest strengths of any team is the ability to adapt to change. With change comes challenges and if those challenges are not addressed they can sometimes lead to a failed system. Having someone recognize those challenges is just as important. This someone has to see the entire picture of your organization and be able to articulate a challenge and possible solutions. This person must be extremely committed and believe in the vision. I consider this individual as a loyal friend and colleague regardless of the challenge at hand. So I am honored to present the Loyalty Award to Amber Kriger.

The Dedication Award – This next award comes to no surprise. This individual is passionately committed to her profession and embraces the Weichert systems and tools. This person demonstrates day and night her commitment to this business and always has a smile on her face while going about her business. We all voted and overwhelmingly decided – Becky Moran for the dedication award

The Spirit Award – Every year we all vote on the individual that consistently exhibits a positive, spirited outlook and has good energy that colleagues find contagious and uplifting. This is the person people are drawn to during good days and bad, for that energy boost, pep talk or happy fix. Marsha Yrisarri

Best Customer Service Award – Each year the Best Customer Service award is presented to two agents. One award is based on the number of customer satisfaction surveys returned Excellent and the other is voted on by our peers.
This award in my opinion is probably one of the more prideful awards one can receive because there are many agents among us that are deserving of this award but we only acknowledge two. This year we proud fully honor Lori Solomon and Julie Williams. These two have demonstrated a level of customer service that stands out among a very strong group, dedicated to excellence.

Rookie of the year – The rookie of the year award recognizes an agent who is new to Real Estate and has started their career less than a year ago. This award honors an agent who has excelled their first year and implements great care and professionalism to their clients. This year’s recipient was no surprise from the first day we met her, she takes tremendous pride in her work and dedicates countless hours balancing her work and family to provide a wonderful experience to everyone……Laura Kriger

Lead specialist of the year award – Amber Kriger

Sales Leader Award and Listing Leader Award – These next two awards are described very simply… but to be deserving of them takes a very committed individual with a strong work ethic and a healthy determination. To put this in perspective: This year 1597 properties sold through our local MLS which means there were 1597 buyers and 1597 sellers – 3194 customers in total. There are roughly 260 Realtors in our local MLS. That is about 12 transactions for every agent. This particular agent did 3 times that average with a total sales volume over 5 million dollars. This same agent also represented 15% of all our office listings totaling another 4.5 million dollars in inventory. She is a quiet motivator who leads by action and is this year’s recipient of the 2017 sales leader and listing leader award. – Lori Solomon

At this time I would also like to recognize our top five agents – Lori Solomon, Holly Fullerton, Diane Shultz, Julie Hughes and Julie Williams. Thank you.

Agent of the Year – There are many adjectives that can describe this next individual, such as, energetic, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, attentive, compassionate, giving, thoughtful and that’s only a drop in a sea of many more. Every organization should be lucky to have a person like this on their team because these individuals are rare. Even though we do not spend a ton of time together I consider this person a close friend of mine. She is humble and prefers to stay behind the scene but that only makes her more amazing because everything she does is from the heart. – Agent of the Year – Lori Solomon.